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Caturday 11/16/13

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 3.48.14 PM

I just had an emotional breakdown in World Market because I can’t find a coffee table so I bought some fake Doritos and an overpriced bottle of water and cried all the way home. Today is going well.

Luckily Weaz got a haircut this week and looks like a little velvet raisin so I can only be miserable for so long. Behold:

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 3.49.00 PM


People seem to think it’s REALLY weird that my cats get haircuts and I think it’s really weird they’ve never heard of cats getting haircuts. People build entire businesses on cat haircuts alone. Ralph and Weaz went to one such establishment on Monday. You see, Ralph got kicked out of the last groomer twice for bad behavior so I sought out a 30-year cat grooming veteran–recommended by my vet, arguably the best in the city–to see if she could work some magic on my ferocious little 12-pound lion.

No such luck. Ralph left looking like this:

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 3.48.27 PM

What. an. idiot.

STRIKE THREE YOU’RE OUT RALPH. She will never be groomed again. She can look like Colonel Meow for all I care.

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 3.58.52 PM

I know what you’re thinking: Why don’t you just brush the cat?

And my reaction to that is the same one I have when people ask me if the broken electronic I can’t fix is plugged into the wall. Thaaaaank you for your astute observation. I’ve only been struggling with this for years and never once thought to try the simplest of all solutions. You have solved all of my problems.

No, Ralph won’t let a brush within two feet of her mane and while Weaz loves being brushed, it doesn’t put a stop to her daily hairballs. So yeah, they get haircuts. More frequently than I do. Don’t care.

What about Tilly?

I actually trim Tilly Monster myself but this is only because she doesn’t have arms for attacking.

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 3.48.46 PM

If you want to see that cats on the daily, they’re all up on Instagram on my feed and they also have their very own.


  1. TaMo TaMo

    Velvet raisin. Hahahaha

  2. amanda amanda

    Velvet raisin 🙂
    Tilly monster 🙂

    Thank God for Caturday. They’re adorable!

  3. Jen Jen

    Hahahahaha…that picture of Ralph!!! (I die.) I love that girl…she has some serious CATtitude! Somehow, I am getting the impression that she does not enjoy haircuts. 😉

  4. Kim Kim

    I am dying over that picture of Ralph. So good.

    • She’s such a boss.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh.
    That was the best thing to read on a Monday morning. I’ve decided I’m saving Caturday for Mondays now.

  6. Amanda Bee Amanda Bee

    I laughed when I saw Weaz, but that Ralph picture actually made me spit out my coffee. And now I need more coffee.

  7. Kristin Kristin

    Ralph is hilarious. I have one of my cats shaved at the vet. The knock her out to do it. Best $48 ever since she has long hair.

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