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Snapshots II


Things have been happening. Here are some snapshots.

The New Y2



We’re getting very close to opening the new Y2 Yoga. The new studio will feature three practice spaces (accommodating 130+ mats), cafe, sushi bar, wine bar, childcare, spa, and… secret bat cave lair. (For real.) It’s an exciting time for everyone, and I’m up to my eyeballs in preparation–brand messaging, staff training, merchandising, etc. It’s fun stuff and I’m totally in my zone.

Feast Season



The feasting season is upon us and I kicked it off with one hell of a Sunday supper club at my friend Caroline’s house. (You one million percent must read her blog because she is one of the funniest people I know.) I ate all the things and then took home stacks of Tupperware to go.

Hello Nan and Byron’s



Map Management, owners of Charlotte’s hottest Uptown hangout 5Church, have done it again with the opening of Nan and Byron’s in South End. Unlike 5Church and its sleek urban appeal, Nan and Byron’s prides itself on down-home, family-friendly fare. I went to the media sneak peak one night and then promptly returned the very next night for the grand opening. Eat the macaroni and cheese and the peppadew poppers (HELLO). Also every single cocktail.

Shape Charlotte


BY6UexLCIAAd3PZ.jpg-large 1391851_778172913364_919519976_n

For the last five weeks I’ve been participating in Shape Charlotte, a unique business idea competition from the World Economic Forum created by and for the next generation of leaders under 35. I pitched my baby PlateShare and made a surprising clean sweep of the awards with a $10,000 grand prize and $2,500 audience choice. I have no words.

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 1.44.32 PM


That’s the latest in my world. I hope everyone is having a lovely week. If you need some additional reading/viewing material, might I suggest:

I read this and then promptly drank a liter of water.

I read this and felt better about not feeling better.

I read this and vowed to do a handstand a day… and haven’t started yet.

I watched this and was so depressed that we even have to teach our kids about this but am glad Elmo did it.



  1. TaMo TaMo

    Good things for a great person! Congratulations. Take a little time and enjoy your successes. By that, I mean snuggle with the cats. They are a part of this too.

  2. Diane M. Diane M.

    When I saw on Twitter last night that PlateShare had such a successful night, I couldn’t stop smiling! I am so happy for you and wish you continued success. I am not surprised at all. You are amazing!! Keep doing awesome things!

    • Jen Jen

      Plus…a whole bunch!!! No way I could have said it better (or even as well)…just know that I am SO happy for you! Congrats!!!!!

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