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What are you supposed to say when your downstairs neighbor asks you to “walk quieter”? Because I suspect my flummoxed “Uhhhhhhh I’m a yoga teacher??!” reply wasn’t the smoothest sentence I could’ve pieced together.

Do you blame me? In the moment it was the best thing I could come up with to paint an accurate picture of me walking around my apartment barefoot making tea and not, I don’t know, strapping on stilettos to try and learn Beyonce dances from Youtube. Because who would ever even do that…? [shifty eyes]

The point is I made some pumpkin cookies tonight and I know exactly who is not getting any.

If you think you’re getting a recipe out of this post I regret to inform you that you are wrong because I spilled an entire grinder of Trader Joe’s pink Himalayan sea salt in the batter. Tonight is going really well indeed.

By the way, Adam just picked up one of those cookies I attempted to make. “They’re not good,” I said. “You’ve never made anything not good,” he argues. And then he puts it in his mouth and goes… “Oh.”

So that’s today, ladies and gentlemen.

But as my sensei JayZ would say, “If this is all you have to deal with, deal with it. Get the hell up off your high horse.”

Yes, sir.

Speaking of rap moguls, last night I was in a mentor session for a business competition PlateShare is in and out of nowhere the keynote speaker is all, “So last night when I was working with Sean Combs…” and my jaw hit the ground and I actually started paying attention. Just kidding; I always pay attention. (Nope.) But in case you missed it: Diddy officially launched REVOLT TV this week and the woman who coached him on all his big interviews for NYT and whatnot is from Charlotte. Who knew?

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Additional highlights of this week:

I moved into a new office. If you’ve ever dabbled in the wandering work-from-home existence, I strongly strongly recommend getting yourself an off-site office. It is the best money I have ever spent on anything ever. (My cats were all free.)

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 10.15.45 PM

Update: As I write this Adam says, “I mean, I’m not saying I won’t eat another one of those cookies.”


Anyway, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and I got to pick out the dogs’ costumes this year so this is happening…

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Oliver was supposed to be the noble steed and Diesel was going to be the fish, but she was too big for the fish costume. You know what wasn’t too big for the fish costume? Oliver’s head. Best $30 I ever spent (not on my office).

And finally… the first annual Charlotte Yogafest was a success despite drizzling rain and the mere six weeks I had to plan it. From the looks of it I’ll be taking that show on the road around the Southeast. You didn’t hear it from me but… Chapel Hill, you’re next.

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I’m gonna go tap dance now.


  1. KT KT

    It would be really cool if you stopped using the term “gypsy.” It is considered a racial slur. You’ve used it at least once in your last 3 or 4 posts.

    • We’ve already connected via email, but so other people know: I never knew it meant (or intended it to mean) anything other than “wanderer.” Thanks for the heads up. I changed it.

  2. Amy Hammond Amy Hammond

    Stop. Are you serious with Chapel Hill!? Do it before May 2014!

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