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Caturday: Cats Against Hunger

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Hello it’s us, the cats. Ralph, Weaz, Tilly. We love eating and we think humans do too. We love eating cheese and crunchies and bread and turkey shreds with more cheese and also Cheetos. We assume humans also love these things because they are all of the very best things to eat and everyone loves the very best things to eat.

The sad thing is, not all humans always have something to eat, let alone the very best things to eat. We didn’t think there was anything we could do to end hunger until our friend Apple the cat from New York City decided to really do something about it.

Cats Against Hunger

Apple created a crowdsourced fundraising campaign for the New York City Coalition Against Hunger by using her celebrity and her culinary prowess to leverage the unstoppable power of online cats to do some good in the world. (And here we are just sleeping all day…)

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There are lots of donation levels with prizes in Apple’s fundraiser so anyone can give no matter how much money they have. We’re really hoping for the autographed picture of Apple so we thought we’d rally the cat troops to raise money together. We just gave all of our catnip money to Apple’s fundraiser, and we hope some of you, our Internet friends, will join us.

Here’s how to help Apple and her friends at NYCCAH:

  1. Just click here to view Apple’s fundraising campaign
  2. Steal your person’s credit card
  3. Choose your donation amount
  4. Leave #teamcaturday in the message box so they know it came from a cat (and/or cat friend)
  5. Take a nap


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Humans clearly can’t handle this on our own so let’s show the world what cats can do for a cause. Maybe even Princess Monster Truck¬†and Lil Bub will help us!

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