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1-Day Play by Play


I thoroughly enjoyed Jen’s “day in the life” post the other day and (surprisingly) enjoyed my day today so I’m hopping on the bandwagon.

This is not a totally normal day for me. My job entails that I usually do a lot more sitting around and staring at a computer screen. What is my job? It’s taken me about a year but I’ve finally settled into a nice rhythm of freelance consulting and event planning. I’m the voice behind six different Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for various clients (and that’s not even counting my own and @ralphandweaz. So much Internet.). I fluctuate between being a yoga studio, yoga festival, celeb chef, startup luggage biz in Portland, best restaurant ever, my cats and myself. It is a miracle I don’t mis-tweet more often. I also recently landed a gig as the event coordinator for Charlotte’s first major yoga festival, which is SO fun to plan. And my main gig is marketing, social media and retail management at a yoga studio undergoing a massive expansion project.

This is what that all looks like in one day…

7a – Wake up. No alarm. I never sleep past 7 anyway and I also have nowhere to go or anything to do because of this whole strange work from home deal I’ve created in the last year. I’m learning to love it. Scoop litter boxes (glaaaaamorous), feed cats, check email. LOOK at this incredible new litter box I bought:


7:30a – Coffee. Face. Get in it. We have free Starbucks in the lobby, which is AWESOME but that gives me just one more reason to never leave my house. Get dressed(ish). I don’t wear real clothes any more. It’s depressing. Attempt to workout but get sucked into email, voicemail, text, FBinbox, Tweetbox, etc. Do not move for several hours. Design posters for client events, coordinate logistics for upcoming client events, manage client social accounts, etc.


10:30a – Head to FedEx to print and proof YogafestCLT posters. If you’re in the greater Charlotte area you do not want to miss this.

yogafestCLT 11x17 final

11a – Meet property manager at an office space I’m eyeing. (I said I’m learning to love working from home, not that I actually love working from home.) Decide it is potentially an excellent place… to get stabbed.


11:30a – Off to screen printer to review shirt styles for YogafestCLT, PlateShare and Y2 branded gear. Three birds, one stone. Tour more office space. Stabbing less likely…

1p – Swing by Common Market to grab lunch and deliver to Adam who is laid out with a bad back. Poor guy can’t even move. Special K sandwich with hummus, feta, tomato, lettuce and pickles on 9-grain. BBQ chips. Diet Coke. Schedule new client meetings over lunch.


2p – Arrive at Y2 to tear the studio to pieces for a physical count of all our inventory. Receive, unpack and display new inventory. I love menial tasks. (That’s not even sarcasm, actually. When I was little I used to ask my neighbor to let me help him stuff envelopes for his business.) I like order and routine. Until I’ve had enough at which point I become an aimless wanderer, which is kind of where I am now.

4:30p – Go home. Scoop litter boxes. Feed cats. Continue finalizing inventory reports at home.

5:30p – Quick early dinner. Leftover soup. Quick walk around the block while broccoli is roasting. Still checking email/Tweets/texts nonstop via phone. Inhale dinner.

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 8.42.44 PM

6:15p – Hightail it to restaurant client to snap some behind-the-scenes kitchen footage for social media fodder.



7p – Mad dash to Flybarre for that workout I forgot to do this morning.

8p – Back to Y2 to teach the last class of the day. My favorite class of the week. (Don’t tell my other classes.)

10p – Home. Second dinner (a bowl of cereal or three). Blog. Hang out with cats. Catch up with more emails. More client social account management. Finally shower. Read (non-Internet things on printed pages. Very rare.)

1a – Bed.


    • yes! that’s where i got it. i was so sad they didn’t have two. i’m not busting it out until we move to our new place next month. i’ll let you know how it goes…

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