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Caturday 9.14.13


Caturday, MPLS style.

It should come as no surprise that I took pictures of my cats before I left so that I could post Caturday, as always, on Saturday. It should also come as no surprise that I forgot yesterday was Saturday and, therefore, forgot to post Caturday.

HOWEVER. The photos did come in handy and potentially landed Ralph, Weaz and Tilly a gig with Tidy Cats, their litter of choice. So what ha’ happened was…

I was chatting up the PR reps at one of the sponsors booths, explaining why I was carrying around an “I Love Cats” bag (for the record it’s the bag I carried my piano books in when I was 8 so it’s vintage so it’s cool) and showing them WAY too many pictures of the cats I love when all of the sudden one of the girls was like: Oh my god. These cats are Internet gold. I also work for Tidy Cats. Do they want to do something with us?

I believe these fine portraits answer that question…




Those three pictures left me convulsing in laughter on my flight from Cleveland to Minneapolis. Internet gold, indeed.

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