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Caturday 9.7.13


Feliz dia de los gatos.

Adam heard some kind of something on NPR about how we’re destroying the world by taking in street cats and making them house cats instead of just continuously breeding house cats. Or something like that. I stopped paying attention after he said not to take cats off the streets, but he wound the story into a rather grand apocalyptic tale. I’m not buying it. Street cats for life.

Weaz is only sort of a re-homed street cat since I had half adopted Ralph (her mom) right before she was born. I like to think she has some feral roots and a little street smarts in her, but… look at her:


In case you just can’t get enough Ralph and Weaz, I finally let them get instagram. You are welcome. They are also still on the Tweeter: @ralphandweaz. Also I am still crazy.


In dog news, Oliver now looks like this:

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 11.23.25 AM

Also I went to FrontRowCLT last night, a men’s fashion show benefitting the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. The Coalition does incredible work educating dog owners on the importance of giving them shelter and room to run. They actually build dog runs for owners who previously kept their dogs chained and exposed to the elements. I was hoping there might be some dogs present and my dreams came true:



I wore thrift I bought at Buffalo Exchange a few hours before the show. Jean Paul Gautier (for Target) dress for $18 and a necklace for $9. Not bad.


Perhaps next year they’ll consider a cat fashion show. Perhaps.


  1. what kind of dog is oliver? he’s adorable! my boyfriend & i are looking for a dog that he can tolerate with his allergies. somehow, magically, he’s able to tolerate my cat but we’ve had terrible luck so far finding a dog- even ones with super short hair leave him wheezing. i’m hoping curly haired breeds might be better (fingers crossed).

    oh, second question– you seem knowledgeable about rescue animals. we’re hoping to do a rescue, but need to do a trial adoption before we commit for good, as we need a week with the doggie in our home before we know for sure whether he can handle it, allergy-wise. it seems like a lot of the rescue organization in the area (we’re in Chapel Hill) won’t do trial periods–do you know any in NC that do?

    • Oliver is a labradoodle. He’s not the hypo-allergenic kind but there is a labradoodle variation that is, which would be great for you guys. (The hypo-allergenic ones don’t shed either, but they are EXPENSIVE.) If you can handle the allergies, I am a strong supporter of rescuing versus buying from a breeder. There are just so many animals that need homes.

      My sister-in-law-to-be runs Halfway There Rescue throughout the Carolinas. They pull animals off the kill list in different shelters, place them in foster care for a few weeks and then adopt them out. There’s no physical shelter location; the whole operation runs on volunteer foster homes until the animals are adopted. If they can’t find local adoptions they go up to partner shelters in New England that don’t euthanize.

      You should check them out online, watch the animals that come up on Facebook, and volunteer to foster any that appeal to you. (Fostering is usually about 3 weeks.) If any of them mesh with you while fostering you can submit an app to adopt. Hope that helps!

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