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Caturday 8.24.13


It’s a lazy day over here at Caturday Headquarters. I’m packing to head to the beach–my first family vacation since… high school? Yeesh. Yeah, I think I can accurately say that all five of us have not been in the same place at the same time for that long. This will be a grand week indeed. And while I do that the cats are, not surprisingly, asleep.

BUT we do have a fairly major announcement to make. Guess who’s back…


Tilly the Two-Legged cat is back in my possession after a not so successful adoption attempt at another home. The world was ready to give up on the handicat so I swooped back in before she was euthanized.

Tilly doesn’t do well with other animals (or any human that isn’t me, apparently) so I gave her the entire upstairs. Because that is normal.


She seems to be pretty pleased with this set up so far. My boyfriend feels differently. Ralph and Weaz just want to know why they’re not allowed upstairs any more.


I learned a trick about cats. Even though they can jump from the ground to the top of the refrigerator, for some reason they seem to think those three-foot tall boxes at the top of the stairs are beyond their reach. I think it has to do with the angle their viewing it from. Either way it’s working and I’m rolling with it.

Weaz is like: Do not care.



  1. Courtney Leigh Courtney Leigh

    You are right about it having to do with angles. The box flaps angled over the stairs help create the illusion that there is something over there heads, so they won’t jump. I learned this from Jackson Galaxy. All you need to make a cat proof fence is something on top angled in 45 degrees.

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