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Bistro La Bon – Charlotte NC


There are few things I love more than an unassuming diamond of a restaurant tucked away in the “rough” of a strip mall. Perhaps it’s the thrill of the hunt or perhaps it’s feeling like I know something others don’t, but I just can’t get enough.

I recently joined forces with Bistro La Bon, my favorite award-winning restaurant disguised as a Dollar Store, and I can’t wait to help them get the word out about their operation. Insiders will revolt, but I’m letting the world in on a little Plaza Midwood secret.

We hosted a little tasting for a few vocal members of the Charlotte bloggerati–In the Queen City, A Fashionable Affair, Chef Laura at Home, Life During the Commercial BreakKaty Loves and Happily Wed Happily Fed–to see what they think about Bistro La Bon’s bar bites menu.


We had crispy avocado, goat cheese-stuffed peppadews and the famous Swedish meatballs.



Chef Majid Amoorpour joined the table to tell everyone a little about his eclectic international culinary background and how he approaches preparing food for his restaurant. Majid is outrageously talented, hard working and passionate. It has really been an honor to get to see behind the scenes of his operation, and I’m looking forward to getting him some much deserved attention.


Drinks were flowing, and I may or may not have had one too many Persephones (a prosecco cocktail) and a spicy jalapeno-basil concoction that was a major crowd pleaser.


What’s cool about Bistro La Bon is it’s located in an unassuming strip mall next to the Dollar Store, but they’re cranking out really exquisite food. I think that combination creates an atmosphere where you can eat insanely good food at an affordable price and in an atmosphere that’s anything but uppity.


I think our casual little cocktail party went over well and it was great for me to catch up with a lot of people I tend to only see online. (Isn’t the world weird?) You’ll be hearing a lot about Bistro La Bon from me so, respecting full disclosure, I am paid to represent them. That doesn’t make the crispy avocado any less life changing, ya heard?

You can catch us on:


Twitter: @bistrolabonCLT

Instagram: bistrolabon

If late-night cocktails and bar bites aren’t so much your speed, don’t miss their famous Sunday smorgasbord brunch. It’s a little bit legendary.



  1. I looooove Bistro La Bon’s brunch. Sounds like I need to make it there other times, too.

  2. TaMo TaMo

    Take me there……….next time. Looks incredible.

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