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Beast Feast 2013


Food trucks might be lost on me. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the allure of eating carefully crafted food served out of the side of a truck; there’s something unexpected and delightful about the whole street food experience. But the novelty quickly wears off under the soggy weight of Charlotte’s hundred-degree August heat. The best case scenario in this setting is to have multiple trucks churning out food so damn good, people are willing to sweat straight through their spandex waiting in line for it. This is Beast Feast 2013 and this is how I learned to appreciate food trucks no matter how miserable the wait may be.

Beast Feast is a food truck rally at the US National White Water Center. Charlotte has a bourgeoning food truck culture and this seemed like a great chance to try some new-to-me trucks and perhaps add a little hike into the mix. Little did I know the heat index would exceed 100 degrees that day. As such, Adam and I approached Beast Feast as if it were a damn sporting event: sun block, pre-game snacks, moisture-wicking attire.

It worked and was completely worth it. We divided and conquered, snatching up goods from three different trucks: Belly Backers, Numnum a GoGo, and Auto Burger. ¬†One of the best things about eating food out of a truck is it’s CHEAP. For $15 we got: fried broccoli, two black bean & brie burgers, and two black bean sliders. (One can never have too many mini black bean burgers.)



That fried broccoli will be reason enough for me to bust out my deep fryer, but I suspect I’ll struggle to actually recreate it. The black bean slider with brie was unreal–topped with caramelized onions and a strawberry for the win. And that other black bean slider? Made me a mayonnaise believer. I’ve never like mayonnaise and it might be because I’ve never tried it… Hrm? Anyway, consider me on board.

After eating our fair share of fried, buttered, cheesed, mayonnaised things we decided to hit the trails for what I was told was a 1-mile hike. Three miles and a half-empty bottle of water later, I thought I would surely die on the Lake Loop and/or kill my boyfriend.

We both survived the tell the tale but have no immediate plans to work that hard for food again until the temperature drops another 40 degrees or so. In this neck of the woods that means we’ll be back in the food truck game around November. Or next week when I can’t stop thinking about fried broccoli.


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