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Caturday 8.10.13


Happy Shark Week Caturday. This time last year we were prepping for the best party of all time. This year, unfortunately, Weaz has no interest in celebrating sharks (as you can perhaps tell from her expression above). And also I don’t have cable or friends so…

Anyway, her aversion might have something to do with the great white I had swimming around the apartment last year:


(For the record, the Air Swimmer Remote Control Shark is the best $25 you’ll spend all year.)

If, like us, you’ve lost your desire to pay for cable and drink Swedish fish-filled Jello shots, fret not. Presenting: Kitten Week.


Tidy Cat knocked it out of the park with this clever Shark Week spoof on Twitter and Facebook. I equate it to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, an animal lover’s alternative to the Super Bowl that has raked in some 5 million viewers over the years. People just love small animals.

I have no idea why…


Weaz is back to her weasel-y self after saying goodbye to Tilly last week. Tilly was finally adopted by a friend of mine and my cats, honestly, could not be more thrilled. I found the whole ordeal highly traumatizing and cried uncontrollably. But she’s in a very happy, safe, cat-loving, pet-free house now, and I know she is already very loved.

Weaz is like: DO NOT CARE.


For your viewing pleasure, here is Weasel drinking out of her fountain. Hint: She does it wrong.

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  1. TaMo TaMo

    Is that a typo? Weaz does something “wrong”?

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