All Treats, No Tricks: 3 No-Sugar-Added Desserts

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Hey hey, Halloween. If you’re participating in No Sugar November this is your friendly reminder to go on an absolutely wild out of control sugar binge today because tomorrow it’s GAME ON (or over, depending on your positive or negative framing of this little challenge).

Since I don’t want you to completely panic about not having sugar for 30 days, here are some fruit-sweetened treats to help you out. (There will be plenty more where this came from, don’t worry.)

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Gritty & Pretty

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I live in a neighborhood that Money magazine describes as a perfect balance of “gritty and pretty”. In a city that to me feels more strip mall suburban soccer mom than anything else, that scrappy little hood is my lifeblood. I spend a lot of time trying to convince myself I like Charlotte, but nothing makes me loathe the Queen City more than going to big, loud, dirty, quirky, bustling cities. I live for that mess.

So while I’m currently up in DC helping my busted up friend get around on a broken leg, it comes as no surprise that man, oh man… I am filled with agonizing life regret.

Can’t win ‘em all, Katie!

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So Many Emotions Survey

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My friend Jen did this survey full of emotions on Saturday so I decided it would be a good way to waste precious time this Tuesday morning…

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No Sugar November

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What started as an empty threat to my boyfriend who loves candy more than you love anything has morphed into another self-imposed 30-day challenge I’m calling No Sugar November.

I thought some of you might like to play along so here are the rules:

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Sunday Meal Prep 10.26.14


This weekend I finally stopped fighting the Sunday church crowd and made my grocery run on Saturday. Oh what a difference 24 hours makes. Things were in stock. No one got in my way (or vice versa). I didn’t have to wait for samples. And my cart was never at any point mistaken for anyone else’s. (One time someone accidentally hijacked a cart I had painstakingly filled with items that were being tracked on an elaborate budget/nutrition facts combo spreadsheet and I almost wept.)

I’m in my fifth or sixth week of Sunday meal prepping like I mean it, and it just keeps getting easier and remains cheap at less than $60 for all my food each week. Since I flew out of bed at 6am like I had somewhere to be today, I decided to use those extra early morning hours for this work.

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Caturday 10.25.14

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I’m on my way to bed (at nine. on a Saturday.) and realized I skipped Caturday again so here’s a quick hello from your favorite cats.

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What I’m Reading (and Stuff) 10.24.14

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Good day! Is this the longest week of all time or has time slowed only over Charlotte?

Man oh man.

Here’s some good stuff to read, watch and listen to as you wind down into the weekend…

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A Real Day in the Life

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I think people only do “Day in the Life” posts when their life happens to be particularly cool or at least omg so busy. Here is my day that was so stupid and very very typical.

First, I sleep through all three of the alarms I use to get myself up for bootcamp. These alarms go off at 5a, 5:12 and 5:42. None of them work and I wake up around 8. It’s great to be failing before you even get out of bed. Now my trainer is going to guilt trip me tomorrow because that’s what I pay her for. Let’s eat some oatmeal…

After this I began negotiating a shower with myself and ultimately decide to forgo it in the essence of time. I then proceed to spend more time trying to hide the fact that I didn’t shower than it would have taken to just shower. Ok then. One major win was discovering this makeup man who gave me (and by me I mean Youtube) some excellent tips that even I can do, and I think my under eye bags were more concealed than ever before.

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Learning to Fall


One of the first times I ever attempted handstand unassisted I fell flat on my back on a concrete slab. I never did it again.

The problem isn’t so much that I physically can’t achieve the heels over head posture. It’s that I mentally block the option with a fear of falling. Give me a wall and I’ll kick up into a strong stable handstand all day but remove the support and I won’t even try.

I’ve always wanted to be able to do handstand. It’s just one of those things yogis yearn for, I guess. I’ve gone to workshops and watched video tutorials. I record myself to see where my alignment is off. But what occurred to me recently is I don’t need lessons in handstand. I need lessons in falling.

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Marshall’s (and TJMaxx and Home Goods and that whole family of don’t-throw-it-away-we’ll-take-it stores) is a treasure trove of designer goods but for some reason no one believes me. According to their corporate site, Marshall’s is the largest “off-price” retailer in the US and according to me “off-price” means cheap, y’all.

I get that they’re not the loveliest stores on earth and I get that they’re not really organized and I get that 80% of their stock is straight up garbage, but I personally also get a whole of awesome stuff in there. You just have to dig.

I have picked up Coach purses, Gucci sunglasses, Seven jeans, killer shoes, expensive department store face creams and most recently this adorable little Kate Spade Saturday dress. (Unrelated to fashion but worthy of note, I also love picking up discounted “gourmet” food here. Things like chia seed bars and kale chips and assorted other overpriced things that didn’t sell in other stores find their way here with a cheaper price tag and eventually straight into my face. The home decor stuff is also so awesome.)

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