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An event-packed attempt at socializing


The last couple of weeks have been insane with events and activities and that whole moving thing. As a textbook introvert I’m inclined to decline or bail on invitations when my days fill up like they have recently but I decided last weekend (with back to back to back to back events on Saturday) that I’m just going to try and be a “yes” more often so I went to everything that day. It’ll probably get dicey and I’ll probably get grumpy, but I can’t shake this nagging reminder that life is short and I should probably not spend most of it alone (although I really like doing that).

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Vegan pumpkin oatmeal

honeystuck vegan pumpkin oatmeal

The best thing about living in the house so far is not walking down three flights of stairs to let Charlie out. The second best thing about living in the house is having a stoop on which to eat oatmeal in the morning.

Just kidding. It’s way too cold out for me already. I just go out there to snap photos. See you April. I’m in hibernation.

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We moved!


Hello, Internet friends. I got sucked into the misery that is moving, which I hope explains the radio silence for the entire month of October. Here’s a little life update…

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