Booking flights is the worst, right?


Does anyone else have extreme airline booking anxiety? I hate it. I always think I’m going to accidentally book the wrong day (or year) or that there’s a better price on some other site or that I’m entering my personal information wrong or that I’m flying into the wrong airport or that a million other things are going to leave me stranded and/or ripped off. I do this until I’ve avoided booking so long that prices double before I get my act together.

Anyway, I’m trying to book flights for a St. Augustine wedding in October and I don’t know if we should fly in to Jacksonville or Orlando, if we should rent a car or find some kind of bus transportation, if we should stay an extra night to cut flight costs (because will the extra night of hotel cancel out the savings?) and so on into insanity. I think I’ve redone my flight search 17 times this morning. Oof.

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A pizza heavy week.

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 9.54.41 AM

I think a weekly photo dump will be the norm for this blog for a bit. Sorry to go heavy on photos and light on substance, but I have a hard time justifying putting time into lifecasting during the week when I should be cranking on work (especially since a lot of my work is just lifecasting on another outlet).

I’m supposed to be running a 10K right now and then tubing down the Catawba River for my brother’s birthday but both activities were vetoed by my doctor yesterday. I had to have a suspicious mole removed that required a bigger incision and more stitches than I was anticipating. True to form, I was a huge, highly dramatic infant about it and almost passed out. It’s no big deal but I just can’t do anything high impact (like running) or that would expose me to infection (like jumping in a dirty river) for about a week. Meh.

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A little update since last month


Clearly keeping up with this blog on top of my new work is not going well. Here’s a quick little photo-heavy look at life since I last posted in July.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Easy kale chickpea salad with roasted butternut squash

honeystuck kale chickpea salad

I threw this together for a simple but satisfying lunch last week when I was too lazy to go half a mile down the road to buy a salad, which is ideal I guess.

Almost everything I make (with the exception of desserts) is designed for one person (although I suppose that’s debatable on the desserts) so that’s what we have here.

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How I make my PB&J smoothie bowl and PB&J oats

honeystuck pb&j smoothie

Peanut butter + jelly is hands down one of my favorite food combos. This has become a pretty standard breakfast flavor craving for me and I do it in both smoothie and oat forms. Here’s how…

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7 of my favorite food-centric Instagram accounts

honeystuck instagram

You can follow my food on Instagram with #honeystuck (katie_levans), but I’ve got nothing on these 7 accounts…

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Caturday 7.18.15

Ralphie Levans cat

Hello and Happy Caturday! I’m celebrating with a cat mug full of coffee. I got it in an office secret santa gift exchange six or seven years ago and it has survived as many moves.

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A book a week this year

smoothie bowl honeystuck

I decided recently that I don’t read enough but, contrary to what I tell myself, it’s not because I don’t have enough time. It’s because when I say I’m going to bed to read I just sit there trolling through instagram like a lump. I can get like 146 weeks deep in some makeup artist’s profile knowing full well I will never recreate any of the looks ever in my life. It’s a sickness, really.

Anyway, I instituted a new NO PHONE IN BED rule that prevents me from flopping down and mindlessly scrolling. I still keep my phone plugged in to charge right next to me bed and it’s definitely still my alarm, but if I want to look at it I have to stand up. It sucks, but it works.

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Turning 30

Katie Levans 30

I had the very best time turning 30 last week. I just feel really happy and loved and in love and in control and those are good things to feel. I already wrote about 30 things I learned in my 20s for Charlotte Agenda so here’s a photo look at the rest of the festivities as I made my headfirst dive into a new decade. See ya, twenties.

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Some good eats lately…

Ajbani Charlotte

One of my favorite things about working from home is that I have the flexibility to prepare my meals when I want them, but one of the most depressing things about working from home is sitting around by myself for long stretches of time. Where bringing my own lunch to work used to be an excuse to escape everyone and go sit by myself, now eating my own lunch just means being alone even more in my house.

So I balance it out with some meal (and coffee and kombucha) trips out.

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