Easy Vegan Spiced Caramel Apple Crisp

vegan caramel apple crisp

This spiced caramel apple crisp is vegan, free of added sugars, full of the season’s favorite spices and totally breakfast approved.

Let’s talk about it.

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Meal Prep 10.19.14

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Saturday was a low point in my aging process. Let’s just say by 8:15pm I had already called the police to report a “noise violation” and (unrelated to the other noise violation) rammed my broom against the ceiling in a battle against my upstairs neighbor’s decision to wear heels 24 hours a day. (SIT DOWN, GIRL. SIT. DOWN.) By 8:30 I was asleep.

I am 87 years old and the worst.

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Caturday 10.18.14

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Good Caturday morning. Here’s what happens when I accidentally wake up at 6 on a Saturday…

Weaz is sitting behind the fan staring at me. I recently watched two hours of Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet, a show about exotic pets that kill their owners. I fear she is a threat but let’s see what’s happening on Instagram…

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What I’m Reading 10.17.14

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 7.59.21 AM

Good Friday morning to us all. We have made it. Cheers.

I’d like to begin by discussing how annoying stuffed peppers are and then we’ll move on from there.

First of all, stuffed peppers fall into a category of Food That Gets in its Own Way along with such travesties as: the wedge salad, caramel apples and hard-shell tacos. Each of these foods is delivered as a visually impressive but inedible whole only to be mutilated and dissected for consumption by the eater.

Do not bring me a salad I have to chop and dress myself. Don’t create a taco filling vessel that can’t hold taco fillings or its shape after one bite. I’ll just eat nachos. Don’t hand me something the size of a softball on a stick the size of a pencil, cover it in sticky goo and be like, “Good luck with that.”

Don’t do it.

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The Placebo Cocktail

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Apple cider vinegar is a darling of the “alternative health” world claiming miracle cures for everything from weight loss and acne to dandruff, yeast infections, sunburns and high cholesterol. While a simple Google search returns a wealth of lay literature on the topic, clinical evidence is pretty hard to come by.

So why do I drink it every day?

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Last week my friend Brittany got married in a beautiful black-tie-optional event at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. For the first time in my life I had purchased a dress weeks prior to the event only to turn around on the day of and buy this pink dress instead.

If you see me at an event of any kind, odds are I purchased what I’m wearing a few hours prior. I just can’t handle the pressure of committing to something in advance. What if I change my mind? What about the weather? What if I’m feeling particularly fat or skinny on that day? What if my hair is misbehaving and has to go up when the dress looks better with it down? You see what I’m saying.

I suspect I will do this one day with a wedding dress. It will give everyone a heart attack but me because this is just how I operate.

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The Day in Food


Hello! If you’re a former Sweet Tater Blog reader, thanks for that BUT ALSO… That blog hasn’t been a part of my life for well over a year now so I let the domain expire. As of yesterday sweettaterblog.com is now home to Dr. Miguel Delgado’s plastic surgery practice and is full of boobs. So… follow or unfollow it at your leisure. I got lots of emails and messages yesterday about it so to reiterate: I do not own sweettaterblog.com and can’t do anything about the boobs that are now on it. HOWEVER, if you’re looking for a “mommy makeover” we’ve totally found your guy.

RIP Sweet Tater Blog.

Other than that, here’s a little rundown of my life via food yesterday…

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Weekend Wrap

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Snapshots from a solid weekend…

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Meal Prep 10.12.14

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This Sunday meal prep is becoming a bit of a thing over here. Borderline religious.

My Sunday routine involves cooking food and prepping fresh produce to get me through all my weekday lunches and dinners. Since what I’ve made can get boring by about Wednesday, I plan for a minor midweek meal with leftovers that will pull me through the weekend.

Last week I pulled out all the stops with three major meals: lentil loaf, roasted butternut squash soup and a tofu pot pie at midweek. While this kind of feel-good food is fantastic, it’s also time- and recipe-intensive. (And I can’t eat it all by myself.) Sunday felt like a victory but throughout the week I found that I tried to do too many things at once and in the end wasn’t super happy with any of the food I prepared. Lame.

This week I took it back to the basics (with a renewed focus on breakfast because I keep skipping it on accident).

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Best of the Internet 10.10.14


Here are the best things I’ve found this week in the murky depths of this weird black hole we call the internet…

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