Easy vegan cheesecake for 4th of July

easy vegan cheesecake for 4th of july

Hello and happy 4th of July, my fellow Americans!

I’m heading to a pool party at my sister’s place in a few hours to drink margaritas and light things on fire in honor of this great land. But first… an easy cheesecake for the road.

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Sorry for the down time + I’m back!


Hi there!

Sorry for the couple days of down time here this week. As we know, I’ve already been neglecting this space and then my domain expired and I didn’t even know it until some people chimed in (thanks for that!).

Now that I’m writing full time, it’s important to me to keep a space that’s just for me. So this blog won’t go away but it may evolve a bit. Thanks for your continued interest in my kind of messy life and for hanging in while I let my recent work transition settle so I can see where this fits.


Cereal for dinner + other weekend non-events


I love dry flavorless old people cereal. I really do. I’m talking shredded wheat (no frosting necessary but it’s a welcome surprise if it’s there), Raisin Bran, Grape Nuts (does anyone else on Earth eat this?) and this nameless Trader Joe’s thing labeled “High Fiber Cereal.”

Even as a kid my preferred cereals were Cheerios, Kix and anything else plain. I do, however, freaking love me some Cinnamon Toast Crunch…

Anyway, last night I loaded the TJ’s High Fiber Cereal up with fruit and called it a day. It did the job.

Here are some equally un-thrilling moments from my life…

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We are the stillness.


Tuesday night I went to Charlotte Yoga for what was Edwin Gil’s 365th consecutive day of practicing yoga. Edwin is an award-winning artist and a hell of a human being whose incredible story of resilience I got to tell in a piece for Charlotte Agenda: From tragic loss to total transformation.


I’m glad I made it to that last class; it helped spark my little yoga fire that has burned bright and then faded out in phases over the last couple years. I love who Edwin is and what his story means, I love rediscovering yoga over and over again, and I love what one woman did with a quote from the story:



Just a great, refreshing experience.

What else…? Some random things…

That beautiful smoothie bowl above is a chocolate raspberry fig bowl I had for breakfast today. And here’s another random snack: ants on a log remix with carrots instead of celery and chopped dates instead of raisins. My flexibility working from home has been freaking beauuuuutiful and I love getting to make every meal here. Love it.



Yesterday I popped in Buffalo Exchange to see if they had any resale clothes I just had to have and found this gem:


Hate to break it to you, but I didn’t buy it.

Probably should have though.

Ok, happy Thursday.

Wild berry margarita with a lemon honey salt rim because I have no chill


As anyone who has ever encountered me in their life can tell you, I have precisely zero chill when it comes to interacting with other people. I want to know where we’re going, when I need to be ready, what I should be wearing, how we’re getting there and so on. When I’m on my own I’m just kind of floating around the world doing whatever, but when my world has to align with someone else’s I NEED ANSWERS.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to request advance notice of such things considering I need a solid two hours for my hair to dry. So when Nick had answers to zero of these questions at 6 o’clock on the Friday night he was in charge of planning, I countered my rising irrational rage with a margarita. Chill level: pro.

It didn’t work. I still lost my mind when he said, “Are you ready?” instead of “You look nice” when I was clearly already ready. Like I said, no chill. Anyway, the margarita is good.

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Caturday 6.6.15


Happy Caturday!

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our foster dog Charlie any minute now. She’s already been adopted but had a scheduling snafu with fosters so she’s staying with us this weekend until her new family is ready for her. (Cats are not actually eager.)

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5 Breakfasts / Morning Snacks


Happy Thursday to you. I did my first Bar Method class this morning. They’re opening a new location in Charlotte and offering free community classes in a temp space during construction so I went to check it out. I’m a big fan of barre in general but my hands down favorite is definitely Flybarre. I haven’t done it in at least a year because I’m just a YMCA gym rat now, but I give two thumbs up to barre workouts.

Anyway, here are five breakfast ideas if you’re in a morning food rut…

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Food & Fun Stuff when I had no internet


Whew. I’ve been internet-less for eight days (my unit was one of the lucky four in our building to get hit) so it’s been all can do to just get my job done.

Here’s some food and fun stuff that’s been happening…


I’ve been living in cafes to get internet access. That coffee and mini German chocolate cake came from Earl’s Grocery, which is my new favorite. Nick and I had dinner at the new ramen house Futo Buta last weekend. I dropped by Joe’s Doughs, a pop-up doughnut shop at Daily Press, last weekend. We had some late-night frozen pizza after a long day of babysitting my niece. And I’m doing a whole lot of smoothies and iced coffee lately. Tis the season, after all.

Fun Stuff

We took my niece to the Whitewater Center and then had her for the evening. It was fun and exhausting.

Nick, my sister-in-law and Charlotte went to meet our maternal grandparents last weekend and that was just a whole lot of fun. They’re 90 and 92 and just as sassy as ever.



I also went to lunch one day with my friend Jen and dropped by #instabeerupCLT to socialize last Thursday.



Cheers to internet access. I will never take it for granted again.

Seriously though, microwave your blueberries


I keep frozen blueberries on hand for blueberry ginger smoothies and have started microwaving a little dish of them to add to my chilled overnight oats. It is amazing and you need to do it. I just wanted to stress that.

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Ramblings + #NONEWFASHION wedding attire


Today was a pretty good day. I get to do all kinds of weird different things now and today was what I’m calling a “buzz” day where I check out different “coming soon” concepts to present to our readers and then watch the buzz build up. I like it. Today this included a new pub, a new vegan boutique and a new food truck. Highlight: sampling french fries from WhatTheFriesCLT.

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