Broiled Grapefruit with Coconut Cream

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Grapefruit is home for me. Sometimes my dad would have one in the morning before work with his black coffee and watered down orange juice–truly one of the only fruits I’ve ever seen him eat, come to think of it. Mom would put them out on Sunday mornings with the biscuits and sausage and bacon that was our weekend routine. At Christmas, they are a mainstay, halved and waiting for anyone willing to bypass (or at least attempt to offset) the sticky sweet monkey bread–our traditional post-present meal.

As a kid I was introduced to grapefruit by a babysitter who encouraged me to sprinkle sugar on top to cut the bitterness. And in school we sold citrus to raise money for the choir, somehow missing the memo that people prefer chocolates and such. I treated school fundraising with the persistence of a seasoned door-to-door salesman, and every year around Christmas crates of grapefruits and oranges were shipped up from Florida at the peak of the season to fill our orders. All in a day’s work.

These days I almost don’t even notice grapefruit. It’s just not my thing anymore. I might pick up a carton of grapefruit juice once a year, or order the occasional grapefruit cocktail, but it’s not on my everyday radar.

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Chickpea Walnut Saute (See also: Vegan Ground Beef)


My coworker is on this ultra restrictive candida diet in an attempt to right her very wrong gastrointestinal tract. She can’t have sugar or flour or fruit or grains of any kind or starchy vegetables or coffee or alcohol or beans/legumes or dairy (except butter). She’s basically eating meat (but pork isn’t allowed) and steamed vegetables. What a world!

Anyway, the other day she was stuffing some ground beef into a lettuce leaf and I was like, “I want that.” Not that I want ground beef, really. More that I want something like ground beef that’s versatile and high protein and ready to stuff into assorted vessels of my choosing.

Enter the chickpea walnut vegan ground beef.

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No Sugar Sugar Cookies (I’m Serious)

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Yesterday I had this ridiculous idea to make sugar cookies without sugar. I also made “vegan ground beef” without anything remotely resembling beef and mashed potatoes with no potatoes so let’s just say it was a weird day in the kitchen overall.

I don’t have anything against sugar (although I do eat a whole lot less now after No Sugar November) or potatoes (easily one of my favorite things on this earth), but I do get a serious charge out of trying to recreate a favorite recipes to fit different diets. When I was studying nutrition my biggest interest was in making sure that people who were prescribed restrictive or specialty diets (like for celiac or diabetes or heart disease) knew they could still eat eat well and enjoy food.

With my totally voluntary vegetarian diet I’ve had enough depressing side salads as an entree to know that those on mandatory life-saving medical diets are feeling a little left out and uninspired in the kitchen. So anyway, that’s why I make things like this–not necessarily because I eat this way but because if others do I want to be able to be like, “I’ve got something for you.”

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Weekend Wrap 12.15.14

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I had what I would describe as The Introvert’s Ultimate Weekend. I avoided human contact at all cost save for a couple of strategically planned small group and one-on-one social interactions that filled me up. This included an afternoon with my family, a long overdue reunion with a very good old friend, decking the halls (yes, me and yes, even with Christmas music), and tons and tons of cooking. I’ll take it.

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25 Days of Yoga: Week 3 Schedule

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Week three is here! I confess I missed one day entirely (on the 10th) and have had two home practices that consisted of about 15 minutes of flow. BUT… I am back in a rhythm with my body and my practice and it feels great. I hope you’re enjoying it too. Here are you videos for week three… This will take us all the way up to 12/21 and then there are just four practices left!

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Caturday 12.13.14

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Hello and Happy Caturday to you all… Tonight I got depressed (because this is what Christmas is for me) so I went and bought a tree and put it up and now I’m still depressed but there is a tree in my living room.

I found a package of three catnip mice in one of the cats’ stockings, which made for great entertainment while trimming the tree. Now we just have to wait and see how long it takes them to knock it over…

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Assigning Neutral Intent

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We’ve all been there.

Someone cuts us off in traffic, neglects to hold the door open, looks at us the wrong way, says the wrong thing. It could be a perfect stranger or an acquaintance or even a loved one, but if it hits us in the wrong place at the wrong time it triggers a shitstorm of of supposition: What an asshole! That woman is trying to kill me with her car. Thanks for letting the door close on me on purpose! Is she judging my outfit again? She’s such a bitch! He wants to know how my job search is going because he wants to see me fail because he is a dick…


The thing is we’re assigning malicious intent to what could quite honestly be a completely unintentional, everyday, innocent action. When we immediately assume the position of victim at the mercy of something someone said or did, we’re putting ourselves at the center of another person’s universe who quite honestly probably didn’t even notice us. They were probably just driving along (just like we were). They were probably just unaware we were directly behind them as they innocently walked through a door. They were probably just looking at us as we entered the room because they have eyes and are acknowledging our presence. They are asking us questions because they’re genuinely interested in our lives and/or politely trying to make small talk.

I do this all the time. If you text me when I’m getting ready I assume you’re trying to rush me because you are trying to ruin my night. If you so much as look at me I assume you are judging my body and clothes and hair. If you ask me about anything in my life (job, relationship, etc.) I assume you have some negative ulterior motive for the question. Suddenly “How’s the new job?” becomes:

“Ooh, how’s that move back to corporate life treating you after you failed at making a career out of teaching yoga and doing your own consulting stuff? Must suck, huh?”

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Weekend Wrap

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Hello hello! Happy gray dreary Monday. Oof…

This is a short week for me since my office is heading to Charleston midweek for our end-of-the-year offsite, which is making today way more bearable.

If you missed it, you’re week two schedule for the 25 Days of Yoga is up.

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25 Days of Yoga: Week 2 Schedule

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I hope everyone had a great first week of 25 Days of Yoga. I’m really happy to be back into a regular practice myself. Last week I did my seven practices in three different studios and one at home on my own. If you need videos to guide you at home, I’ve got your week two options below…

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Caturday 12.6.14

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I got called out for missing Caturday for a month so here is my trio in all their glory. Please accept our apologies. I just assumed my mom was the only one reading on Saturdays…

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