Wear It: THE ONE


I’m becoming something of a white t-shirt connoisseur over here, and Cotton On’s aptly named “The One” is the best I’ve ever had.

It fits perfectly, requires no babying in the wash, and is only $14.95. (I just ordered three more.) I’ve only purchased the Deep V so far, but they’ve also got it in Crew and Scoop. I don’t want to make assumptions about your life, but it would serve you well to stock up on these staples. Just trust me.

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Things That are Better Without Social Media

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I’m 16 days into my social media-free September and now that the cold sweats and nervous ticks have subsided I think it’s time to share what two weeks without all that connectivity is like so far.

While some have argued that the continued presence of this blog is in itself a desperate attempt to remain connected and validated, I consider blogging a new media publishing platform that, while amplified by social media, is not on its own a social media outlet. But maybe I’m just an attention seeking failure. Potato, po-tah-to.

Here’s what’s better without the option to report my life and stalk the lives of others in real time:

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About Those Cherries


We grabbed a bag of cherry gummies for the road. I pulled one out on the walk home revealing an undeniably testicular silhouette and gave it a try, laughing at the sight of another one dropping into Nick’s mouth. (Sorry.)

I’m the one that requests that we go on dates. I think (know) we both would have been perfectly content to continue lounging on the couch eating peanut butter M&Ms and watching hour after hour of puppy and kitten programming on Animal Planet, but at 8pm I made the call: “It’s 8 o’clock on a Saturday night and we’re watching kitten shows. We have to go out.”

Done. Nick always gets on board with my schemes.

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WEAR IT: Vegas Romper


The night before I left for Vegas I ran to Macy’s for no reason in particular other than to last-minute panic shop. While there I rediscovered this Macy’s gift card I’ve been carrying around for (no joke) about four years always thinking, “I should probably find out if there’s any money on here.”

Turns out the card was still locked and loaded and I suddenly had $90 to burn through. This romper was kindling to the fire.

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Eating for Your Dosha

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In ayurveda, an ancient Vedic system of natural healing (also known as “alternative medicine”), optimal health is said to be achieved when three elemental substances, or doshas, are in balance. Humans, being composed of these same elemental substances, tend to manifest one dominant dosha’s characteristics physically, emotionally and mentally–leading to an imbalance in the others. To counter your dominant dosha and achieve balance you are supposed to eat foods that oppose and/or honor its characteristics.

Still with me here?

Assuming your hippie bullshit radar is properly tuned, it is no doubt firing at full blast. But hear me out because this is cool.

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Stay in Vegas

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Vegas by pictures.

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Caturday 9.6.14


Every time I post a Caturday I think to myself: “Who was the cover photo last time? Is there a picture of each cat? No? Do I need to take more pictures of each cat? Will this hurt one cat’s feelings?” And so on.

Ralphie, unfortunately, is difficult to photograph because she is always moving. And Tilly is asleep 23 hours a day. So this leaves us with Weaz whose brain, I’m convinced, never fully developed–making her slow enough for the greatest of headshots.

I thought I was the only one who considered how many pictures of each cat are posted. But when my friend Kseniya asked me last week where Tilly was, I knew the jig was up.

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Taste Test: Califia Farms Double Espresso Iced Coffee


I’ve recently started buying cold brew coffee concentrate in an attempt to curb my coffee shop spending. I like having it on hand for days when I’m too lazy to go through the full pour over charade or just simply don’t want hot coffee.

(I type this as I sip an iced coffee that I bought at a coffee shop, by the way. Old habits die hard.)

To make my iced coffee at home I just combine about 1 part coffee concentrate to two parts almond milk. In the ultimate act of laziness, I decided to buy this ready-made Califia iced coffee with almond milk so I don’t even have to combine the two myself. It was a mistake.

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Humble Warrior and Words That Weren’t Even Said

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I’ve been slowly creeping my way back into a regular yoga practice. Excluding this week (because of the start of my new boot camp and my trip to Vegas this weekend), I’ve been in the studio 3-4 times a week. It’s a far cry from my old 2x daily practice, but it feels so good all the same.

Recently I took class from my teacher Johnna, who I studied under for my RYT-200 and haven’t really worked with since. As always, her class was exactly what I needed.

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What I’m Reading 9.3.14


This post could also be called: What I’ve been doing for three days without social media.

Here it is…

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